Parent Testimonials

Moises Testimony

Hello everyone, I am Carmen M. Santiago, mother of Moises Jose Santiago. I am writing this testimonial with lots of love and gratitude for all the support and great services that you had provided for my son in the past five years in this prestige school. Moises has achieved many goals and milestones in his tenure at Princeton House Charter School, but he must continue to strive forward in order to overcome and achieve more goals on the road that lies ahead.

Moises is a non verbal boy that was not capable to express his need and wants. Therefore he manifested himself with tantrums. Since that first interview in 2007 with Ms Carol in which she provided Moises the opportunity to become a student in Princeton; little by little he has been able to control himself, communicate his need and wants with the aid of pictures and augmentative devices. This was all possible due to the staff dedication and strong work ethics commitment. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Moises will finish and graduate from fifth grade this year 2012. I am proud but at the same time uneasy, since this is his last year in Princeton House. He will be transitioning to another school, hopefully not to far from Princeton. As a family we hope that the new school environment will equal Princeton’s atmosphere of friendly, dedicate teachers, staff and administration personnel.

We will be facing new challenges and endeavors but with the grace of God we will surpass these and Moises will continue his progress.

― Carmen and Jose Santiago, proud parents of Moises
― Abel and Rosenery siblings of Moises

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate Princeton House and all that your staff and support team have done to enrich our Sammy’s life. I cannot tell you how much your devotion, and that of your teachers, assistants and staff, has meant to me and my family. Princeton House has become like a family to us.

As you know, we came to Princeton House when Sammy was in pre-school and have been here now for almost 7 years. We have watched him grow in every aspect of his life, through the love, attention and professional care of your staff, aides and therapists.

This past year at Princeton House has been Sammy’s most productive ever ! We have seen him make tremendous strides in language and he is verbalizing more and more each day. He is able to make his desires known to us now, using 2 and 3 word sentences. When we came here we were unsure if he would ever talk. He recognizes his letters, says his alphabet and numbers and is starting to read at a beginner level. Sammy is able to regulate himself and his emotions better now during transitioning and our lives and Sammy’s outlook and future are so much more hopeful. We can go places and do things that previously we never thought possible. We are proud of every single accomplishment Sammy has made and Princeton House has been with us every step of the way.

Thank you for always lifting us up and for believing in Sammy and his future. It is empowering to be a part of a school organization that believes and hopes and dreams for the best for each child. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Princeton House Family.

Warmest regards,

― Jenny Shumate (Sam and Mark’s PROUD mom)

Hello everyone my name is Freddy Delgado, the proud father of Nicole Delgado, and I am writing this letter to share with you my testimony of the power of God. Two months ago, I was offered a job in Georgia and sincerely, it was a great opportunity to reach those goals we as a family have. However I was hesitant, because I know that my little girl is in one of the best school in the country for autistic children. I was calling the school were my daughter was supposed to go once we move there, but they only have regular schools with designated classrooms for children with special needs. We had everything arranged to move by the end of the month, but the simple thought of risking my daughter’s advancement was really worrying me. I started to pray every day asking the lord for a sign to determine if that was the way to go. We had a place almost rented there, and everything was moving along great. It seems like the lord was helping us with all the moving process and that I was the right path to take. On the 10th of January my daughter’s school was having a parents’ meeting and we decided to attend for the last time. I remember that we were sitting in the third row and Ms. Carol Tucker was preparing to talk about the school itinerary and progress for the coursing year. Everything was ready for the meeting, but there were some technical problems so Ms. Carol decided to talk. She said that this current year was going to be her last and that she was moving to North Carolina. Ms. Carol told us that she visited the schools and that they were all regular public schools with classrooms for children with special needs. She also talked about her own personal experience with her son who is autistic; and how she had to fight the system for a better education for him. This is why she founded Princeton House. Ms. Carol explains that PHCS was so fortunate to be able to provide up to date materials, curriculum, and equipment like computers, IPads, and Internet Based software when most public schools are fighting to be able to afford these most current tools. Right then and there I felt that she was talking to me and that she was describing my daughter’s next school, because of the conversation I had with the Georgia public school. Coming out of this meeting we were full of joy, because the lord had answer our prayers using Ms. Carol as an instrument. My daughter has improved so much in only five months here in Princeton House that I cannot thank the lord enough for providing this group of people who really care for our kids. Thank you and God bless you all.

― Freddy Delgado

Thank you letter from a Dad

As another year of PHCS come to it's end, I'd like to briefly send your staff and faculty a message. I can't thank you enough for your mission, your professionalism, and your dedication. Perhaps that may seem general, so allow me a moment for specifics. The genuine smiles you give as we pull up in our cars each morning means our children are welcome. It matters not the weather is cold, wet, hot or humid. the warmth never wanes. The teachers and assistants who give everything they have and leave exhausted each day. I don't know how you do it, particularly when my son wants his IPad. ;) Your random acts of kindness to the kids go unnoticed by most. I've seen them again and again. That means so many more are never witnessed, yet are as inspiring as if done in front of a sell out audience. There are times you may want to quit, but press on anyway in the face of stacked odds, high stress, and the myriad of obstacles too numerous to list. As it's said, teachers open the door, students and their parents ultimately choose to walk through them. But the teachers of autistic children shoulder a much heavier burden, for you lift up children who would falter without you beside them.

― Chad Hinson