Our School Story

In 1995, three mothers, Carol Tucker, Beverly Cox, and Judee Samuels, were seeking to provide the best possible program for their own children with autism. Their sons were 3 and 4 years old and each had just been recently diagnosed with Autism. One of the three, Carol Tucker, was the ESE teacher for the boys. As the 3 mothers vigorously searched for the best interventions for the boys it soon became apparent that a program designed for children with Autism might be their best option.

So, in 1996, a small private school, Princeton House, was opened with Carol taking on the role of the school’s director. It was located in a small house on Princeton Street. The school began as a non-profit private school with 6 students and quickly grew into a nationally recognized program incorporating the "best practices" in the field of autism by a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and therapists.

However, the reality that many children and families were unable to access the program because of the high tuition costs; it became a necessity to find a way to fund the school without tuition so that all children were welcome - free of charge. Hence, in 1998, Princeton House reorganized and became a state funded charter school.

Our program has grown over the years with a number of families having moved from various parts of the U.S., as well as, some from overseas to allow their children to attend Princeton House. We are proud that we have gathered together an elite staff of excellent educators, therapists, and leaders who have a vision of student growth and success and that we have made a positive impact in the lives of children with Autism and their families.